By judgment of 12 May 1998, the District Court of Hamburg decided that one has to answer by placing a hyperlink to the content of linked pages. This, according to the Court, be prevented only by expressly distancing oneself from such content. The association launched SLSV Hamburg eV refers to its pages with links to other sites on the Internet. For all these links: The launch SLSV Hamburg ever explains expressly to have no influence on the design and content of linked pages. Therefore, the starting gun SLSV Hamburg eV expressly dissociates itself from the contents of all linked on the website of the Hamburg Sports Association pages, and does not accept any contents as its own. This declaration applies to all in the sites existing hyperlinks of whether indicated or hidden, and for all contents of the pages to which it links. Below disclosures pursuant to the general information requirement. §6 Teleservices Act.